Lucky Luke - TV series of 8 episodes
Country: Italy
Year: 1991
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Who is Mr. Josephs? (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 1)
Director: Richard Schlesinger
Original title: Chi è Mr. Josephs?
Synopsis: The surrounding land of Daisy Town is divided between farmers and cattle owners. Luke doesn't worry about this until a certain Mr. Josephs wants to sell barrels of gun powder. Helped by Laura, a young farmer, Luke discovers that Mr. Josephs is in fact Joe Dalton... Luke and Laura are captured in an old mine shaft and the Daltons start their vendetta.
Grand Delusions (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 7)
Director: Terence Hill
Original title: Magia indiana
Synopsis: Returning to Daisy Town one day, Luke finds the town deserted. The town folk are at the cemetery, attending Luke's own funeral. A new sheriff comes to town to take over Luke's place. Sweating, Luke wakes up and finds himself in the middle of the desert, bitten by a snake. His horse Jolly Jumper runs to town for help and Lotta Legs must find Luke and an antidote fast! The Daltons try to stop her...
Ma Dalton (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 4)
Director: Richard Schlesinger
Original title: Mamma Dalton
Synopsis: The Dalton Brothers Ma takes a liking to Lucky Luke, causing her son Joe to become jealous. This sets the plan for him and his brothers to escape from jail. To attract their mother's attention, the four brothers plan to rob all the banks in the area, dressed up as Ma Dalton. Who would shoot an old lady? In Daisy Town, Luke is informed about the plan...
Ghost Train (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 3)
Director: Ted Nicolaou
Original title: Il treno fantasma
Synopsis: Axel, an old drunken gold digger, tells mysterious stories to the people of Daisy Town - stories of the old ghost train. Nobody believes the tale except for the young journalist Becky. Even Lotta and Luke don't believe the fairy tale, until one day, Axel disappears and whilst Luke tries to make Lotta believe that ghosts don't exist, she vanishes almost before his own eyes. Becky has one last mystery to unravel...
Nobody's Fool (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 8)
Director: Terence Hill
Original title: Pesce d'Aprile
Synopsis: Lotta Legs loves April 1st, Daisy Town dreads it, because of her April Fool pranks. Luke is summoned to the tent of a visiting Russian Prince, and Lotta Legs comes along. The Prince appoints Luke as his bodyguard and takes great interest in Lotta. Trouble starts when the Prince and his fiancée (who is jealous of Lotta) fight. The Prince declares that he'll marry Lotta instead. The Princess declares that she will marry a 'commoner' too - Lucky Luke! When Luke declines the offer, the Prince challenges Luke to a duel for offending the Princess...
Midsummer (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 2)
Director: Terence Hill
Original title: Una notte di mezza estate a Daisy Town
Synopsis: Lotta Legs is still in love with Luke, who does not seem to have the same feelings. A gypsy appears in Daisy Town, selling a mysterious 'love potion', that makes the one that drinks it fall in love with the first person he sets sight on. That's just what Lotta needs! But everything goes wrong: Joe Dalton falls in love with the gypsy, Jack falls in love with Lotta and Averill falls for Jolly Jumper, the horse! After the love potion wears off, Luke confesses his love to Lotta while she is fast asleep...
Luke's Fiancée (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 6)
Director: Ted Nicolaou
Original title: Le fidanzate di Luke
Synopsis: Hired by some lonely miners to bring them brides from the East, Lucky Luke is unaware that one of the women is Jenny, who has escaped from prison and is intent on joining her gang and robbing banks, starting with the one in Purgatory. After the gang attacks Luke's wagon train, Jenny is appalled at their behavior and impressed by Luke's. She decides to go straight and by the time they reach Purgatory, Jenny vows to be a perfect bride. She tries to stop her old gang from robbing the bank, but Luke thinks that she has joined them again... Hurt that Luke doubted her, she lets the gang tie him to a box of dynamite with a lit fuse...
Cafe Olé (USA: Lucky Luke Volume 5)
Director: Ted Nicolaou
Original title: Caffè olé
Synopsis: One day, the citizens of Daisy Town awake to find that all their coffee has run out - someone has blocked the coffee shipment to town. The town folks lean on Luke for help, whilst Lotta, instigated by Susan, tries to prove that she can be a better sheriff than Luke. Offended Luke calls Lotta's bluff and they change roles: Lotta will become the new sheriff and Luke will take over the saloon...
Terence Hill, Nancy Morgan, Fritz Sperberg, Dominic Barto, Bo Gray, Ron Carey, Joshua Bryant, Ben Zeller, Rockne Tarkington, John Furlong, Rebecca Barliant, Candice Clark Voake, Jill Momaday, Arsenio Trinidad, John Saxon, Radha Delamater, Marc Mouchet, Plabo Templeton, Ruth Buzzi, Jack Elam, Abe Vigoda, Alsion Shanks, Neil Summers, Madeleine Kahn, Julie Hagerty, I.M. Hobson, Tessa Taylor, Stephen Kalstrup, Arsenio Trinidad, Robin Westphal, Ron Carey, John Quade, Karen Elliott, Elisabeth St. Clair, Rene Auberjonois, Cass Morgan, Steve Rankin
Produced by Paloma Films & Reteitalia
Music by Aaron Schroeder, David Grover
Theme song: 'Lucky Luke rides again' was written and recorded by Roger Miller, 'The Lonesomest Cowboy in the West' was writted and performed by Arlo Guthrie.
Bonanza Creek Ranch, Santa Fe/New Mexico, Zia Pueblo, Valles Caldera National Preserve, White Sands National Monument, La Junta/Colorado, Tucson/Arizona

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