I'm For the Hippopotamus
Country: Italy
Year: 1979
Runtime: 109 minutes
Director: Italo Zingarelli
Original title: Io sto con gli ippopotami
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The brothers Slim (Terence) and Tom (Bud) are at odds on how to make a living in South Africa. Tom runs a safari outfit while Slim tries to sabotage it due to his fondness for wildlife (although he doesn’t know that the safari guns are loaded with blanks). Both join together, grudgingly of course, to rid their province of a sadistic tyrant called Ormond who is trying run everyone off their land to build a big safari-park. Tom and Slim try to get Ormond and his stupid gang out of the way ...
Title: Io sto con gli ippopotami
Artist: Walter Rizzati
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Terence Hill Slim
Bud Spencer Tom
Joe Bugner Mr. Ormond
Mai Dlamini Ma
Dawn Jurgens Stella

Ben Masinga

Les Marcowitz, Johan Maude, Sandy Ngkomo, Hugh Rouse, Nike Schutte, Kosie Smith, Joseph Szucs, Nick van Rensburg
Story: Barbara Alberti, Nino Longobardi, Amedeo Pagani
Screenplay: Barbara Alberti, Vincenzo Mannino, Amedeo Pagani, Italo Zingarelli
Cinematography: Aiace Parolin
Music: Walter Rizzati
Film editing: Claudio Cutry, Giuseppe Vari
Set design: Francesco Bronzi
Costume design: Luciano Sagoni
Produced by Roberto Palaggi
Production: Roberto Palaggi for Denver F. Pr. Zadar F.
Distribution: Metropolitan CAD - Pentavideo
South Africa (Johannesburg, animal scenes near Pretoria)

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