Don Matteo - TV series of 16 episodes
Country: Italy
Year: 1999/2000
Director: Enrico Oldoini
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Lo straniero
Synopsis: Don Matteo learns of a young man's suicide soon after arriving in his new parish. After some research, he convinces police to review the case. Was it suicide or homicide? One of the victim's colleagues acts suspicious...
Una banale operazione
Synopsis: A medical doctor is found dead. Suspicion falls on the father of one of his patients, who fell into a coma after a minor operation. Don Matteo investigates and finds strange drugs in the hospital.
Il coraggio di parlare
Synopsis: Don Matteo's help is needed by a young woman, whose family is in financial distress and being blackmailed. The citizens, surprised about their priest's meetings with this beautiful woman, start to spread rumours...
Synopsis: An employer suspects one of his workers, Anna - a young Albanian woman - to have stolen money and some of his belongings. Don Matteo investigates and finds out that the girl is being blackmailed by her compatriots. Anna has an alibi, but refuses to reveal it...
La strategia dello scorpione
Synopsis: An inmate is killed in jail. Suspicion falls on a prisoner who claims to be not guilty, although his fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. A scorpion fight, organized by the citizens, points Don Matteo in the right direction.
Questione di fiuto
Synopsis: The town's 'truffle hunters' are in dismay: Their dogs have been poisoned! Only one is still alive - whose master is now accused of having committed this crime. Don Matteo discovers the poison...
La rosa antica
Synopsis: Don Matteo is asked for help: Unfaithful wife Annalisa wants to save her marriage. Soon after this conversation she is found dead, her husband becomes main suspect. Don Matteo finds out that someone observed the victim...
Il piccolo angelo
Synopsis: A single mother's baby disappears. Suspicion falls on her ex-boyfriend - who denies to be involved. Don Matteo's investigations lead police to a married couple's announcement of their newborn baby's christening...
In attesa di giudizio
Synopsis: Police officers find Don Matteo, gun in hand, next to a dead body. What happened? During a fight with the killer, the weapon was pushed in the priest's hands while the real murderer escaped. Imprisoned Don Matteo starts to investigate.
Il ricatto
Synopsis: A well known entrepreneur is being blackmailed. Suspicion falls on a landlord who had differences with him before. While Don Matteo aids police investigations, the entrepreneur's son is poisoned...
Synopsis: A film team comes to town. An actor is killed on the set - the gun was loaded with real bullets! The person responsible for the props seems to have a motive...
Stato di ebbrezza
Synopsis: An accident occurs during a bus ride. The driver seems to be responsible, tests reveal that he had alcohol in his system. Rumours start to spread in town about the rivalry of two bus enterprises...
Delitto accademico
Synopsis: Another homicide in town: An employee of the research center is found dead. A fellow worker is suspected to have committed the crime, but Don Matteo's investigations point in a different direction.
Amore senza età
Synopsis: Don Matteo prepares for a funeral when he finds out that the man, who passed away in an old people's home, didn't die a natural death. Suspicion falls on the victim's son's girlfriend, who offers to anonymously pay for the funeral...
Il fuoco della passione
Synopsis: Mr. Morabito has an affair. He buys a rare diamond as a gift for his lover and hides it from his wife - in an inconspicuous container. Mrs. Morabito gives this container - not knowing what really is inside - to Don Matteo, who plans to host a charity event...
La mela marcia
Synopsis: A police officer who investigates a drug ring - incognito - is obviously discovered and violently punished by the gang. Don Matteo helps investigations.
Title: Don Matteo
Artist: Pino Donaggio
Don Matteo Terence Hill
M. Cecchini Nino Frassica
Capitano Anceschi Flavio Insinna
Natalina Natalie Guettà
Nonna Elide Evelina Gori
Nerino Claudio Ricci
Pippo Francesco Scali
Ghisoni Pietro Pulcini
The Bishop Gastone Moschin
Producer Alessandro Jacchia
Director Enrico Oldoini
Screenplay Alessandro Bencivenni, Domenico Saverni, Enrico Oldoini, Carlo Mazzotta
Screenplay supervision Alessandro Bencivenni, Domenico Saverni
Script Alessandro Bencivenni, Domenico Saverni, Carlo Mazzotta, Enrico Oldoini, Paola Catella, Anna Samueli, Francesca Panzarella, Luca Manfredi
Story Editor Gladis Di Pietro
Stage design Marisa Rizzato
Costume Design Patrizia Baiocchi
Sound Umberto Montesanti
Casting Chiara Meloni
Editing Raimondo Crociani
Music Pino Donaggio
Organization Alessandro Passadore
Rai producer Lorenza Bizzarri
Prod. manager Alessandro Longino
Post-production Franco Casellato
Don Matteo was produced by Lux Vide in collaboration with Rai Fiction. Realised with co-operation of the Comando Generale dell’Arma dei Carabinieri
Gubbio, Italy

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