Don Camillo
Country: Italy
Year of release: 1983
Runtime: 123 minutes
Director: Terence Hill
Original title: Don Camillo
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Don Camillo, the parish priest, is no shrinking violet. His straight talk and willingness to use his fists keep getting him into trouble with the church hierarchy. Giuseppe Botazzi, the town mayor known as Peppone, is a communist and therefore always arguing with Don Camillo. The fights between the priest and the mayor of the small Italian town are legendary.
Based on the famous tale by Guareschi, this movie was Terence Hill's debut as director. Terence's son Ross had a supporting role in this film, son Jess played a small part as a ghost in the original version of the movie, being credited as 'Jess Hill nella parte del fantasma' in the Italian uncut version.
Title: Don Camillo
Artist: Pino Donaggio
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Terence Hill Don Camillo
Colin Blakely Peppone
Ross Hill Magrino
Mimsy Farmer Magrino's mother
Andy Luotto Smilzo
Lew Ayrew Doctor
Cyril Cusack Bishop
Lorenza Residori Gabriella
Jennifer Hingel Lilly
Silvia Umbrinozzi Nina
Allan Arbus Voice of Christ
Jess Hill Phantom
Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Boninsegna, Frank Diogene, Mauro Gravina, Monica Gravina, Roberto Pruzzo, Joseph Ragno, Luciano Spinosi, Sam Whipple
Screenplay: Lori Hill
Cinematography: Franco Di Giacomo
Music: Pino Donaggio
Film editing: Jack Fitzstephens, Camilla Toniolo
Production: Paloma Productions
Distribution: CDE (1984) - Vivivideo
Pomponesco, Italy

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Don Camillo Special
Terence Hill's 'Don Camillo' celebrated his 20th anniversary in 2003. Reason enough for a special report including details of the filming, an interview with Don Camillo actress Lorenza Residori and photos of the movie locations showing how much has changed in the last 20 years!